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Hot Tracks for Summer 2K15

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For summer 2015, VOX Media Cafe interns have already created our summer playlist. It consists of artists from J.Cole to Good Morrow. Through our training week last week, we shared a common interest of relaxation through music. Here are our top five artists — the genre they compose music for and a short synopsis about them — as well as our top five songs to watch out for during this summer. Check out these artists on our Spotify playlist and give us a follow!

Top Five Artists

  1. Tyler, The Creator — chosen because his music allows for freedom of expression (Rap Artist, Producer, Director, etc.)
  2. J.Cole — chosen because of what he conveys and how he relates to young minds saying things no one else would dare say (Rap)
  3. Good Morrow — chosen because he talks about controversial issues most do not talk about (Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Radio Personality)
  4. Muse — chosen because of how they incorporate different types of music (Rock)
  5. Rings of Saturn — chosen because “His sound is infectious” (Death Core)

Top Five Songs – warning, some songs are explicit!

  1. “Million” – Tink ( )

  2. “Forget Me Nots” – Patrice Rushen ( )

  3. “Fallout Boy” – Uma Thurman (

  4. “Hoh Naw” – DJ Uncle Mack (see Soundcloud)

  5. “American Candy” – The Maine ( )

As you can see, good music can be found in different forms of interaction and in different types of music.Though my taste personally consists of mostly R&B and hip-hop music, our combined summer playlist includes death core, pop, 80s R&B, alternative rock,and rap. With five teens, as you can see, you are bound to meet different music styles. Our intern playlist also includes throwbacks, like “Forget Me Nots” by Patrice Rushen; we have definitely acknowledged the fact that good music will never die. Stay tuned as the summer progresses for more music that VOX Media Cafe’s interns are in to!

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