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Teens from Fulton County spoke out with VOX at the “Future CEOs Youth Conference,” held on Friday Oct. 26, at the Loudermilk Center in Downtown Atlanta and hosted by Commissioner Natalie Hall.

Fulton County Teens Answer: What’s One Thing Government Can Do to Promote Equality?

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One simple thing our government can do to further promote equality is to provide internships for people with all backgrounds, even if they’re a felon, so they can have an opportunity for a second chance.  – Sharodon Jenkins, 16, South Atlanta High School

One thing the government can do is to continue to provide funding for public schools to help lower-income communities have the ability to send their children to equal access schools. – Oliver Haney, 16, KIPP Atlanta

A simple thing the government can do to bring equality is to listen and hear everybody’s voice. It seems that they only listen to the political point of view with things, so that would be nice.  – Mecca Smith, 17, Grady High School

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Teens got to use VOX’s equipment to interview each other about their futures and aspirations — as well as discrimination and advice for Georgia’s next governor.
Teens enjoyed asking folks about their “dream job” and why they were attending the “Future CEOs Youth Conference.” Ms. Black, at left, says she wants to be an actress: “I want to show black females that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and not to give up because of who’s in the White House right now.”
Kameron Jenkins from D.M. Therrell High School, enjoyed interviewing his peers and said he plans to become an entrepreneur — expanding his tie-dye T-shirt business. “Basically, we expand positivity all around the world … by putting positive messages on the shirts.” He says he currently sells T-shirts at a a kiosk in downtown Atlanta.
“Don’t forget where you came from” and “Be a good role model for children and pave the way for them to succeed” were just two of the messages teens shared for Georgia’s next governor — just 10 days before the Nov. 6 election.
An icebreaker of “Meet me in the middle” got everyone laughing and warmed up by figuring out things they have in common, even though they’re from all different schools in Fulton County and the city of Atlanta.

Art above by ZaToya C. Walker, 17, Creekside High School.

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