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Illustration by Luisa Jacquorie, 16, Atlanta International School

A Testament to Growth, Thanks To Quarantine

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A note from the author: I may not know you and our paths may be different. But I hope these beautiful reminders help you find yourself, release your creativity, ease your day, and remind you that your feelings are valid. It’s life, it’s growth, it’s self evaluation, it’s self love, it’s normal.  Breathe, take one day at a time, be intentional and positive with your words, create the space you want, and take a moment to applaud yourself for being you. I love you. 

Quarantine. A state, period, or place of isolation. Being by yourself, isolated in quarantine can allow you to drown in your thoughts, emotions, and past mistakes. Not only are we isolated during this pandemic, but we are in the midst of social movements, an important presidential election, virtual school and more. For me this was life changing, a realization I desperately needed. But this realization can be hard to battle with, it may cause depression or anxiety or even make you look at yourself differently. All of this is OK. Let me reiterate — all of this is OK. It’s life, it’s growth, it’s self evaluation, it’s self love, it’s normal. During this period of realizations, I started to question my self worth, jumping between many different emotions, and losing sight of my purpose. Yet I also started to find my true self worth, my value, what I deserve, what I will tolerate in life, and the spaces and vibrations I wanted to create for myself. This process may look and be different for everyone. It may take longer for some, or be something that comes easily. Here are a few beautiful reminders that have helped me learn to love myself for me.

One day at a time. 

“Dear me, it feels like I’m drowning right now and I keep having moments where I can peep my head up and catch air but I’m quickly brought back underwater screaming, struggling, and trying to tell myself it’s OK not to be OK. I try to keep myself so busy that I won’t have to focus on my emotions or sink into these feelings and thoughts. But i’m tired. I’m exhausted. So lord, I ask that you provide me with strength, courage, wisdom, and never allow me to stop giving love. I ask that everything that is placed in my path is placed there by you and with your intentions. I am thankful for you and I love you.”

You can only control so much in a day. You can’t predict what will happen a week from now so the best you can do is really focus on the now. What will make you happy today? What were the good things that happened today? How will you make today a good day? You are in control of your day, how it goes, how you will redirect yourself, and how you will control the energy and vibrations that come from your interactions throughout the day. You did your best today, make today count. 

Let it go.

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“Dear me, I think sometimes you will just have to let things go. You will have to move on without closure. You will have to move on with exhausted emotions. You will have to get over it for you. You will have to cry, laugh, be angry, and be still. You will have to push yourself to be over it … you will not be able to dwell on it for too long. But take as much time as you need, seek as much help as you desire, let it out and let it go.” 

If it is eating at your inner peace, if it is keeping you up at night, and only bringing and creating negative energy, allow yourself to close that chapter in your book. It’s OK to allow yourself to move on, to forgive yourself and others around you, to move on without closure, to realize you are more than the situation that may be holding you captive. 

Illustration by Brooklyn Williams, 15

The words you speak to yourself. 

“Dear me, today I affirm that I matter. I love myself. I am worthy. I am valuable. I have a great purpose. I radiate beauty. I have a gift to give the world. I deserve to be happy. I am intelligent. I am growing. I am healing. I am evolving. I am learning. I am creating a better life for myself.”

The words you speak to yourself are the most important things for your growth and enjoyment of life. If you only feed yourself negative energy, that energy will be represented when you’re alone, throughout your interactions with others, and the thoughts you dwell on throughout the day. It’s OK to have slow and low days where you may just need to be still, but remind yourself that you are enough. Don’t apologize for having days where you may cry, feel anxiety or depression, need help, or need time to take to regain your peace. But don’t be afraid to push yourself the next day to handle what life may throw at you. Release habits that do not serve you positively, and be compassionate and encouraging to yourself and your thoughts. You deserve to be proud of yourself. 

Take a moment and feel the space you create for yourself. 

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“Dear me, Growth. Something I continuously search for. I may fall short of it sometimes, but i think we are getting the hang of this thing. I am really proud of you for all that you do. From the different initiatives to the spaces you create, and the love you foster, further proves you are one hella of an amazing person. Slow down, breathe right now. The days are quick but the nights are even slower, make sure you give thanks to God today. I am not sure where you will be the next time you read or find this. But for wherever your journey of life takes you, let me remind you to set your shoulders high, lift your head up, talk slower, and show the world who’s here to change it. You are destined for amazing things and I can’t wait to see where life takes you. Just wherever you go, always remember yourself and remember those who helped you get there. I hope you’re happy, content, empowered and inspiring others and yourself. Lol, kinda running out of words here, but it’s important to sometimes reflect on where we are right now. I love you.” 

Free yourself of anything making you doubt loving yourself, making you question your happiness, or taking focus off of you loving yourself and putting yourself first, if needed. You are becoming what you are creating. Take a moment to be still. Allow yourself to reflect on your progress. Acknowledge your tremendous growth and strength you have created for yourself. Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. Show gratitude to your abilities to help you flourish, honor the energy around you and continue to trust the process. I am proud of you. 


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Trust the process of life. Even when it seems like it’s not processing. Trust that things will get better. I know, the common saying everyone thinks is supposed to ease nerves, anxiety, or sadness. But trust for your own good. Trust that each day that you speak to yourself intentionally and kindly, you create the desired space for yourself, or the moments you take to acknowledge your growth or peace is pushing towards a life of more fulfillment, enjoyment, and self love. 

“Dear reader, slow down, let it go, be intentional with your words, and remember a glow stick has to break before it glows, trust your process. 


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