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Horoscopes for the Month of February

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You’ve already found out Spring is coming soon, why not find out what’s in store for February. Dallas delivers your astrological outlook for the month below:

Capricorn – This move is a period of slowing down for you Capricorn. The year may have started off great but now let’s slow it down and gain a sense of respect for those around you. As Valentine’s Day approaches and passes a sense of disbelief comes, yet again, because you still might not have a Valentine. However, be patient, maybe your new partner is close.

Aquarius – You are one hardworking, determined butterfly in the making and nothing can stop you. Maybe this is the reason your love life has yet to flourish. You’ve become very keen on yourself lately and nothing about that is OK. Getting to know yourself is one thing but blocking others out is a total no-no and will only hurt your work and love life as well as your family situations very soon.

Pisces – You had a very interesting start to your new year; all the excitement and the fun has yet to end for you. Going into Valentine’s Day your weekend will be extremely busy, however, love is in the air. Continue to party, but continue to stay in a good space.

Aries – Everything about this month is new, inexperienced and unexpected. You definitely needed this in your life since everything has always been so rehearsed. You were accustomed to too many things. With new opportunities come new people; remember to embrace those people and make something good out of all the ugly around you.

Taurus – Taurus, you’ve always been a go-to person for relationship advice. Now it’s time to use your advice and become less confused with your love life. You’ve always had a problem staying in relationships and now it’s all on you to keep this one. Also, remember to take a second for yourself this month for relaxation.

Gemini – Hi Gemini, your friends are worried about you. You’ve always been the strong one, but now they’re ready to be strong for you. Cry. Let it out. Just be free. Also, take some time this month to actually pay attention to the needs of the people around you and not just yourself.

Cancer – Happy Febraury Cancer! You have always been strong willed, but lately you have been more than ever. This will not work in your favor this month — it’s time to listen to authority surrounding you. Though it might not always feel right, it’ll be worth it in the end of the situation.

Leo – I’m just going to come out and say it: your love life is coming to ground zero in 3, 2…. You haven’t been able to master staying attentive and being there for others and that’s the problem. Though most times it is about you, a relationship takes two and this time it isn’t. Keep this in mind going throughout your relationship.

Virgo – Has someone been standing in your way lately? It’s time for you to take a stand and push them away ( just not literally, okay?). Your rather soft nature has always held you back, but no more. Be a little be more adventurous. Step out of your comfort zone and do something new this month.

Libra – Every week you’re undecided about something different. You have always been very confusing in nature. However, your answers are always in plain sight. Go with a mixture between your gut, and your heart — your complex thoughts always mess it up for you.

Scorpio – You’ve been very evil lately and none of your signs are saying why. Maybe it’s something going on, however, you have to get through it. For too long you have been down, so now it’s time to cheer up look toward music or any passion of yours and do something fun for once. If you continue with your evil ways, nothing good will come for you.

Sagittarius – This month try taking a more logical approach to things. Whether it’s in your relationship or a school try being very cynical and realistic with your expectations.


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