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VOXCast Episode 4: Are Atlanta High School Dress Codes Biased?

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In the newest episode of the VOXCast, Aryana, Chasity, Kenneth, Khalil and Mack debate over Atlanta high school dress codes and the impact of DeKalb County’s Digital Dreamers initiative. 

So far the VOXCast has covered music, movies, injustice and racism. But one thing our teen staff hasn’t talked about much is actual high school. This week’s episode features the crew talking about DeKalb County’s recent decision to equip their teachers and reduced lunch students with free wifi and laptop computers.

“I think this is such a great opportunity for kids who don’t have wifi at home because everything today is technology-based,” says Aryana who attends Johns Creek High School. “Most assignments are online, you’ve got to research. No one uses a book as much…giving them a chance to utilize those resources that we have access to is really good.”

The VOXCast staff also debated over the hypocrisy of both the DeKalb County and Atlanta Public Schools’ dress code policy. The debate stems from VOX staff member Roya Register’s piece “Dress-Coding and My ‘Disruptive’ Shoulder Blades” where she talked about how young girls were being suspended and humiliated for what they wore to school. Druid Hills High School junior Khalil points out how girls get “dress-coded” for showing their shoulders while boys are allowed to wear tank tops. His schoolmate and VOX ATL video editor Kenneth argues that the dress code controversy is rooted in another problem.

“I feel the root of this began with male teachers looking at students or doing certain things to students,” he says.

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