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VOX Teen Poetry: Window Shopping

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I like the way you look when I could only see you on the shelf
I didn’t have to see the wires that held back the truth of who you actually are
I can see how nice your polished hair looks glossed over your bald spots of an incomplete personality
I’m not ready for my illusion of your perfection to dwindle into a reality that I can’t fathom
I think this is how I get caught in these cycles
Almost like a roundabout of flower petals
Taking turns
As I ask
If he loves me or loves me not
I thought
If I kept you in the plastic
You would stay in mint condition
But it’s breaking my heart
As your pristine packing begins peeling
It’s… unappealing
It’s crazy how my investment has exponentially depreciated
My father did warn me that you get what you pay for
I failed to realize I was shopping for convenience
Not a long term asset


About Zayla Bryant

/VOX ATL Staff Writer

Zayla, 17, attends Arabia Mountain High School. Zayla's appreciation for the beauty and power in words allows her to captivate hearts and sway minds. Her goals in life are to ...

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