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Art and poem by Luciana Cavienss

VOX Teen Poetry: Where I’m From

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I am from a busy place that I’ve never lived in a city that never sleeps
I am from a village with one of the busiest cities in the world that no one has ever heard of
I am from moving again and again from state to state rapidly and forever changing
I am from not one place but many, from packing and unpacking.
From mistakes like getting used to my surroundings and the people around me
From learning to never get used to one place and learning that I’ll move inevitably once more.

I am from a place in New York that I don’t claim because I never lived there for more than 1 week, at a time every month
I am from the place I loved the most out of everywhere, I’ve ever lived I place I claimed as my own
I am from the 6th floor of an apartment as noisy as a mall, with walls as thin as ice
On the glistening streets where the snow falls in December and bright leaves fill the trees in the fall.
I am from stolen laptops from opened car doors and what I thought were fireworks late at night.
I am from walking up hills with groceries of food and taking buses and walking again to home from stores.

I am from seemingly very long walks to and from school with my sister everyday
I am from numb feet while walking in the Winter up hills to get to the shopping center
I am from going out and getting takeout with my dad and sister almost every night
I am from finding shortcuts to get home and finding money for the ice cream truck
I am from a place out of reach, but in some ways makes me feel complete.

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About Luciana Cavienss

/VOX ATL Staff Writer

Luciana Cavienss is a freshman at Westlake High School who is an outstanding artist and scholar within her school and community....

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  1. Isabella

    Good Job Luciana💗💗

  2. Zariyah Yapah Allen

    Loved this, great job💕