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VOX Teen Poetry: Towards Our Promised Land

by share

In the beginning
We were together as one
Living united under kingdoms
Flourishing beneath our African sun
Like the devil in disguise
Greed conquered the motherland
Gold melanin bodies
Soon held captive by foreign command
Across the seas
And through the storms
We sailed into a misery
Lasting centuries long

This hell on earth
Birthed the place where the black entity lost its voice
It was here that the black entity grew accustomed to the haunting voice of a master
It was here that the black entity adapted to the prospect of selling humans like cattle
It was here that the black entity hardened to the gruesome lashes of the whip
But through the persistence of Tubman,
The courage of Douglass,
The leadership of Lincoln,
And the passage of the 13th amendment
The black entity found its voice again
Our silver chains broken free

Broken, yes
But never broken truly
The Black Codes of the South
Quickly restricted our activity
Tirelessly, we overcame
Soon deemed citizens in the USA
Freed at last, we thought
Until the separate but equal doctrine came about
“You will not go here,” they said
“You will not sit here,” they raged
For you are the inferior race
Ain’t no way we’ll integrate

Despite the circumstances
Despite our situation
Despite this exploitation
We surpassed this systematic oppression
Our efforts eventually ending segregation
Through the peace of the King,
The violence of Malcolm,
The protests of Lewis,
The tenacity of Marshall,
And the disobedience of Colvin
The black entity once again overcame
With perseverance lighting the way

Amidst all that we’ve braved
The path towards our promised land
Is still being paved
From shackles to prosperity
There is no hardship that
The black entity can’t tame

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