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Photo by Zayla Bryant/VOX ATL

VOX Teen Poetry: To KyKy

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What words could I form to inform you of your worth?
It seems cliche to use passive turns of phrase
So I’ll tell you by painting pictures

You know that feeling when you’ve given it your all and the crowd gives you roaring applause?
Yeah, my love for you is that loud
I hope my blaring admiration ricochets off the walls to make it sound like the night never has to end

Have you ever seen the sunset when you feel like you have absolutely nothing left within you,
but seeing the sky smile as the sun gives you kisses oddly replenishes you?
Yeah, my care for you will find you in your weakest moments

A wise man from proverbs said:
A man of many companions may come to ruin,
but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

I hope Our friendship is that something that sticks
Even when we are going through the rough
Even when we’re amid the thick of it.

I hope you know I will still be there
I’ll be there before you take your last bow
I will be there even when time won’t allow it
I am your friend and fan of the utmost devout.


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Zayla, 17, attends Arabia Mountain High School. Zayla's appreciation for the beauty and power in words allows her to captivate hearts and sway minds. Her goals in life are to ...

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