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Above artwork by Kalea Fresh, 15, Parkview High School

VOX Teen Poetry: ‘Thanks Given’

by share

Gratitude a hard skill to master, yet a satisfying one to partake,
The skill of gratitude allows people to know that our goal isn’t just to take

The food at the table is a symbol that we cared,
Care enough that your nourishment, will never be impaired

As the cool autumn breeze blows away all of our dying leaves,
And as the year winds to a close, it shows us that we will grow better and vibrant in our springs,

But as our cold and dark winter soldier comes on the horizon,
The warm embrace of fireplaces, brings families home to liven.

So perhaps we should be grateful of this ever-changing world of seasons,
Because every year we get all four, and all four resonate with our core. 

So perhaps we should show gratitude for these cold days, and warm rays
Because the seasons always show us that tomorrow is a new day

But for now, take heed to the changing season of your life, don’t be weary of the ever growing snowbanks,
For today is just another day, and to the seasons, give thanks.

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comments (2)

  1. Henry Matthews

    Nice! Keep honing your craft young sir!

  2. Kenneth R. Holmes

    This young man has great potential!