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Art illustration by Asia Rodney-Collins/VOX ATL

VOX Teen Poetry: My Adoration

by share

my adoration might have

vanished into

the pillow-razored sand dunes

and it drips

through the unfilled spaces between my ribs

your wail doused dustings soak up the haze of

scents of rose and pure lacking

that lie across our barren harvest

sometimes i wonder if i believe in ghosts but

my vinyl vision veils all things pink and naive

so i assumed i needed your sugar glass to soften the blow

since your hitching breath did nothing but exhaust the 

treasured stone

into gravel 

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About Asia Rodney-Collins

/VOX ATL Staff Writer

Asia, 14, is a student at Atlanta Girls' School. She is on a mission to use her undeniable enthusiasm to make change in her communities. She is persistent in using her experie...

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