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VOX Teen Poetry: “Lego House”

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When I was young I loved lego sets
Putting them together
Taking them apart
Building something new

The only person who might have loved the feeling of taking things apart more than me was my mother

She saw no need to do it properly
The brick remover tool served no purpose in our home
She preferred to use her mouth
It was faster
More effective

Though it was faster it wasn’t sustainable
She destroyed her mirror lego set
Leaving bite marks on each piece of my body
Her teeth created holes in the fragile pieces of my heart
Each groove leaving a void
Making it easier to pull me apart

No longer could she live vicariously through my picture perfect image
I wasn’t pretty anymore
There weren’t flowers on the outside of my brick house
That was now wobbly on its 6 x 4 base

I no longer reflected her other side
I was like the inside of a Barbie dream house
But without the elevator
Void of desire
I was no longer whole

Gone was the pretty house
Just pile of jagged pieces laying on the floor
Destined to hurt someone else

Because when isolated I become dangerous
Outside of the lego house
I am sharp
I am broken

Broken down into simple squares

Piece by piece

Strike by strike

I am now a

1×1 peice

Who serves no purpose besides fixing other’s builds




All done with strikes and rips




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