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VOX Quaranzine: COVID-19 Is More Than A Virus

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Amid a media environment swirling with speculation, fear, and disillusionment, a need has arisen to take a step back and trace the imprint that the coronavirus pandemic has left on our global social systems and the people who make them up. This elusive, microscopic, unfathomable bit of viral material that has left our world on lockdown has emerged from a culture of injustice, and its effects will only be eliminated with the elimination of such behavior.

The issues we have encountered in every societal sector during the outbreak transcend the virus itself and instead offer themselves as evidence of a serious need for change. Although it has left a path of tragedy in its wake, this pandemic may serve as the wake-up call we need to start making some changes. Learn how in this VOX Quaranzine, which illustrates how far the coronavirus outbreak goes beyond its viral roots.

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Additional ways you can get involved:

The Sunrise Movement is a national, youth-led climate organization that emphasizes work at the intersection of social, economic, and climate justice. You can join their online Sunrise School to get involved here.

Generation Ratify is also national and youth-led, but it focuses on gender equality, specifically on instituting the Equal Rights Amendment. Join their online training boot-camp here.

These powerful young-people-fueled activist forces hold powerful spaces within a vast network of youth-led movements. Explore more to find a platform that you connect with.

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  1. Fran Fowler

    Ms Susan and I knew she had talent even at two years old/preschool! We will always remember that class.

    1. Hannah

      We think of both of you often!

  2. Allison

    This is so cool!