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VOX Teen Poetry: Nuits Colorées (Colorful Nights)

by share

Paris has many names
From the city of love to the city of lights

As I walk down the cobblestone streets the smell of freshly baked eclairs from the Carl Marletti bakery fill the air.
When I cross Pont Marie bridge I stop and look down and see a beautiful brown girl with flower lilies in her hair.

I look up from time to time staring at the doves as they fly through the skies
with grace and as river boats pass by,
I get a friendly wave from time to time.

As I sit in the cafe I can feel certain gaze from a familiar face across the room.
We talk, sing, laugh, cry and reminisce about the days of old.

I feel butterflies in stomach, my cheeks burn and hurt from smiling uncontrollably and when we hold hands my heart lights up with different emotions.
But sadly my wonderful and fun-filled night must come to an end.

I leave with happy thoughts and an amazing story to tell.
I board my plane and sit in my seat: Row six in first class.

I recollect everything I have learned on this trip.
The one thing that will stick with me forever: That Paris is a place where you conquer your fears and hopefully find love.

It’s in the name, isn’t it? The city of love.
I hope to go back one day and not only find love, but discover adventure.

Rachel, 14, attends The Sedulity School.

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