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VOX Bubble: North Springs High School Shares The Importance of Self-Love

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VOX ATL has been visiting North Springs High School this semester and giving their teens an opportunity to share their thoughts on a number of topics and have them published. Among them has been the importance of self-love. Check out what some of them had to say.

Self-love is very important. Before you love anyone else, you should start by loving yourself. Having love in yourself can make you feel more confident and feel better about yourself overall.  -Madison Whitlatch

Self-love should be needed for your sake. Loving yourself makes you have more confidence, and get out your comfort zone sometimes when you need to. it motivates you to have a positive mindset. It also can lower your anxiety, and stress. ​Tala Hadid

Self-love is incredibly important in the 21st century. When you take time for self love you allow yourself to relax and it can help you feel more confident. -Elizabeth Peddi

Self love is by far the most important aspects of love because if you cant love yourself you cant love anyone. You need to choose yourself first and love yourself because at the end of the day you have to live with yourself so you might as well love yourself. -Lauren Smith

Without self-love, happiness and life-satisfaction are impossible to achieve. Loving who you are allows you to feel worthy of other people’s love, which lets you build relationships with others. It also lets you pursue your goals, because it allows you to accept your interests and be proud of your accomplishments. In the absence of self-love, people become withdrawn because they feel like a burden to others. They fail to maintain relationships and find their purpose, since they are stuck feeling uncomfortable in their skin. Self-love is the key to enjoying life. -Sarah Meiselman

Self-love is the most important form of love. Hear me out. Of course, you need the love of a mother, father, sister, brother, and/or friend, but self-love is loving the reflection you see in the mirror. It is loving you! With self-love, you can limit the dependency on affirmations from others because you can do that for yourself. It grants you security, confidence, and happiness and is the most important type of love. –Mairen Brown

Self-love is very important. Having love in yourself can make you feel more confident and overall feel better about yourself. – Breaunne Malloy

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