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Check Out All of VOX ATL’s ‘Black Panther’ Coverage Here

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One of many good things about being an intern at VOX ATL is doing movie reviews and fortunately 20 VOX ATL teens got to see Marvel’s “Black Panther” at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre 10 days before it came out to the world. We even had Samuel L. Jackson and Congressman John Lewis flew in from Washington D.C. to speak to us about the importance of a movie like “Black Panther.” This was actually my very first movie screening so I was very lucky to have this experience. Marvel never disappoints when it comes to the action and the emotional scenes, but this, in my opinion, is by far the best movie Marvel has ever produced mostly because of the message of world unity and black power behind the movie.

Over the years there has been so much separation in black culture and a movie like this is just what we need to help bring us back together to become one again. This was one of the first movies that gave a mainly black cast a real role in a film instead of a slave or street-tough gang banger. Here we have superheroes such as Chadwick Boseman playing Black Panther and king of Wakanda. We also have Letitia Wright as a scientist and sister of the king who builds and designs all of Wakanda’s technology. Last but not least, we have Florence Kasumba who works to fight with and also protect the king of Wakanda. These are all super intelligent, strong female leads.

In the movie, they talk about how Wakanda is a city with strong weapons and the world’s most advanced technology, but they hide it from the world because they believe that the world will use it to advance them in warfare instead of using their inventions for peace. But when a new leader (Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger) takes over the throne after an epic fight, he wants to change things to help other less fortunate cities become stronger.

In a world where all we do is prepare to fight one another, it was nice to see someone wanting to help and bring us together to become a more peaceful world just by lending a helping hand. “Black Panther” is an eye-opening movie that still has all the characteristics of a fantastic Marvel movie. It’s about bringing our world together to work as one and achieving equality, told through the lenses of an action-packed movie which is why it will be one of the greatest movies in Marvel history.

Here is all of VOX ATL’s “Black Panther” coverage:

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