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Voices Against Dating Violence: Teens Speak Up

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Partnership Against Domestic Violence hosts an annual Teen Summit — and VOX was there to give teens a chance to speak up about what matters to them about dating, dating violence and healthy relationships. So many teens created writing and art. We’re proud to share those voices on VOX.


By Elyse Daniels, 17, Parkview High School

My definition of a healthy relationship is a relationship in which both parties feel like they are in control and can make their own decisions. You would never feel forced to do anything and you feel like you can trust the other person when you need space.


By Kathy Brooks, 17, Parkview High School

I wish my teenage peers in my high school and community would seek to understand the ideas of a relationships. My personal experiences include seeing my friends go crazy to satisfy their other person’s sexual desires. I want teens to know–Yes, you can walk away and still be fine. The feeling you have with certain someone, if genuine, doesn’t have to involve dating violence. Be strong for yourself, because you know you deserve much better.


By Jadon Barre, 14, Fayette County High School

Women, women… are nurturers, not hurtful. They are lovers, and some are mothers.

They help each other and don’t hurt you .

They’re flowing and outgoing

Women. That’s what women mean to me.


By Antonio Thomas, 15, Fulton Leadership Academy

Treat women loyally and with respect

Still treat them with respect even when they’re wrong.

Always talk about your problems, never express

Your bad side. Don’t hit women understand any circumstance.

Always treat women like queens.


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And let VOX know if you’d like to bring us to your organization to school to share your voice through our Atlanta Teen Voices program.

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