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VOXCast S3 E1: Are Proms Overrated?

The VOXCast is back with season three baby! Our podcast team featuring Mack Walker, Kenneth Franklin, Khalil Shipman, Amariyah Callendar, and Chris Jordan have all worked very hard to present to you this Season’s collection. In this episode, Amariyah, Kenneth, and Khalil debate each other on one of the most important moments of the upperclassmen high school experience: Prom! Amariyah and Kenneth, who have attended prom in the past, school first timer, Khalil, on what to expect, what to look forward to, what to look out for when participating in the event. With those final words, we present to you episode one of season three of the VOXCast! Enjoy!

Cultural appropriation is when one culture takes pieces of another culture and often misrepresents it. For example, those who wear chopsticks in their hair to represent Chinese women for fashion are appropriating and influencing a stereotype.The counter argument that arose was that the theme choice was more of cultural appreciation. The difference is that if you're appreciating it, you're representing the culture correctly and using it for honest purposes, not just to look good. Read on