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GRL TLK: “The End’s Beginning” [AUDIO]

GRL TLK is back! In part one of this episode, fellow VOXers Brooklyn, Jennie, Zariah, Tibria, and Nishthha tackle everything they have been through this past year. Between summer plans, life after high school, and learning during a pandemic, they dive deep into how all of it has made them feel. After a whirlwind of a year, GRL TLK returns to give you a unique perspective on what is happening.

Editor’s Note: VOX provides all teen-created content and perspectives as resources to our audience. At this time, VOX understands that the decision to get vaccinated is a personal and familial decision and VOX does not ask participants to formally disclose their vaccination status to determine participation in our programming.

GRL TLK: The Future. And College, Too. One Year Later.

One year ago teens Amariyah, Jasmine, Aaliyah, Lyric, Rin, Christina, Emma, and Jaya recorded a podcast reflecting on their years in high school and what they believed the future would hold. Now during quarantine, they virtually connected once more (along with new participants Haley Henderson and Sophie James) to talk college expectations vs reality, gap years, the college application process, and senior year.

Background music: Biscuit (Prod. by Lukrembo)
Edited by Emma Mac

GRL TLK EP. 3: Fast Fashion [AUDIO]

In this episode of GRL TLK Jasmine, Amariyah, Emma and Jaya discuss what you may not know about “fast fashion.” They talk about the social media models and big corporations who benefit and sweatshop workers and original designers who lose out. The team also discusses how fast fashion affects the environment as well as sustainability. They also talk about how influencers can affect the fashion industry positively and negatively.