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On September 16, Mahsa Amini, a  22-year-old Iranian woman, died in the custody of morality police while visiting relatives in Tehran. Eyewitnesses report Amini was brutally beaten into a coma by law enforcement and forcefully detained in the back of a police van for the improper wearing of a hijab and clothing. CNN reported that…

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Justice Seekers EP. 5: Where Are We Today on the Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment?

Today our hosts Sanjna and A’Marie talk about the history and meaning of the Equal Rights Amendment, which is a huge component of the future of gender equality. We briefly discuss how to get involved and make an impact and all cover the timeline of its ratification and why it has been over 100 years and not gotten ratified. In addition, we debunk common misconceptions about what its purpose is and what it offers women and others regardless of sexual orientation. We hope you all enjoy today’s episode.