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Summer Date Ideas for Atlanta Teens

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Now that the school year has ended, you finally have time to spend with that special someone. But, where do you go? There’s always the movie theater, but, let’s face it, watching a Marvel movie for the third time AND waiting for the end credits gets redundant after a while. Netflix and chilling has also been played out. Not to mention, who wants to constantly spend copious amounts of money on outings? But, no need to fear, because I am here to assist you with fulfilling your summer romance, whether it be your first date or rekindling a long relationship. In no particular order, here’s a top 10 list of perfect (and inexpensive) summer dates.

#1. Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love a nice scoop or two of ice cream on a hot summer day? Try an ice cream shop in an area with great scenery. Kilwin’s in Atlantic Station and Jeni’s Ice Cream in Decatur Square are great spots. But make sure your date isn’t lactose intolerant, because that would be a crappy outing… literally.

#2. Drive-in Movie

If you do insist on going to see a movie (and actually plan on watching it), the Starlight Six Drive-in is a great place to watch a feature flick with a change of scenery. Feel free to bring your own food, too. Make sure you know what your significant other’s taste in movies is, because making someone sit through something they don’t enjoy is no fun.

#3. Karaoke

Whether you or your boo have been blessed with beautiful vocals, testing them out in public is quite the experience! This is a great way to discover their hidden talent or learn each other’s music tastes. Go to a karaoke bar or a restaurant that provides a karaoke night. The Metro Café Diner in downtown Atlanta offers free karaoke every night starting at 8 p.m. If heading out isn’t the best option, you can try this at home.

#4. Painting

If you’re the creative one in the relationship (or if your lover is), try painting together. Take a trip to an arts and crafts store together (or alone if it’s a surprise) and stock up on small canvases and paint supplies. The activity can take place outside at a park or indoors. Try painting what’s around you, or paint a picture of each other.

#5. Museum

Hit up a museum and explore exhibits. Whether it’s an exquisite sculpture at the HIGH or scaling the staircase with a giant dinosaur skeleton at Fernbank, it’s easy to find something you both can enjoy. Most museums have discounted prices with membership or free admission on specific days. For example, the HIGH Museum of Art offers free admission every second Sunday of the month.

#6. IKEA

IKEA has more to offer than cool furniture and delicious meatballs. You can get lost within the winding walkways while testing comfy beds, not to mention the great frozen yogurt. (Only a dollar! Take that, Yogli Mogli!) Be careful, though, you might end up buying a table lamp that will take months to assemble.

#7. Brunch


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If you lovebirds are equally early birds, going out to brunch together can be a great way to start your day with your bae. Try a spot like Le Petit Marche in Kirkwood. Don’t let the fancy French name fool you; they have great food at reasonable prices. If that atmosphere isn’t quite your style, an early-morning IHOP or Waffle House run will do.

#8. Book Hunting

If you two are avid readers, finding the bookworm in each other can be a good time. Browse your local bookstore together to find a great read. This is a fun way to see what kind of books you both like or dislike. Did I mention there’s usually coffee?

#9. Roller Skating

















Lace up your skates and let the wheels be your guide with this fun outing! Roller skating is also a fun way to get exercise. Plus, if you fall, there’s always someone there to catch you!

#10. Picnic in the Park

Ah, yes, the classic “lovers in the park” outing. Grab some good food, find a spot on the green, and… well, park it! There’s no need to buy a fancy picnic basket or sun umbrella; just work with what you’ve got! Make sure your food is stuff you or your date can actually eat, too. (Not everyone can eat ham and cheese sandwiches!)

Hopefully these suggestions are useful to you. Don’t be afraid to use coupon apps such as Groupon or Living Social to get great discounts wherever you go. Happy dating!

Amariyah, 17, is a VOX Media Cafe intern for the summer 2018 season who loves going on summer adventures.

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