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Suicide isn’t easy to talk about, but research shows that asking if someone is thinking about suicide is a first step to prevention — and getting people help if they need it. Here, teens reflect on their experience participating in a suicide prevention training.

Teens & the Language of Suicide Prevention

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“The thing I took away [from the suicide-prevention training] was using the appropriate wording when talking about suicide prevention …

“I didn’t know that saying ‘commit suicide’ was insensitive until this meeting. That definitely informed me and helped combat the stereotypes around mental illness.”

“Instead of saying ‘someone committed suicide’ it’s more sensitive to say ‘someone died by suicide,’ taking the blame or decision making out of it.”

The training that inspired these takeaways and more was a QPR-youth suicide prevention training with GUIDE, Inc.

More prevention, training and mental health resources are available from:

Teens can download the free MyGCAL app for text and chat support, too, from wherever you get apps.

Video production and editing by Defne Tanyildiz. Additional video production support by Aidan Ventimiglia.

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