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Shame on You, Texas [OPINION]

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Okay and who thinks Black history should also be taught in schools?


By a show of hands, who thinks Critical Race Theory should be taught in schools? 


You know who doesn’t? Texas Governor Greg Abbott. 

House Bill 3979, signed by Governor Abbott, states that Critical Race Theory will not be required to be taught in schools. The parents of Texas surprisingly agree. Now, just imagine how the parents of color and children of color feel about this uncomfortable and excruciating “blast from the past.” 

For those who aren’t aware of what Critical Race Theory is, it is the teachings of race and its role in social, cultural and legal issues. For example, some would say that there is deeply rooted racism in the medical field towards people of color and the unfair treatment they may receive compared to a white patient. Critical Race Theory would break down and explore these issues and give clarity to those who don’t understand or even just don’t want to understand.

House Bill 3979 is to go into effect at the beginning of this school year in September after being signed in June. Not only is Texas in on this, but Idaho, Tennessee, Texas, Iowa, New Hampshire, Arizona and South Carolina have passed legislation into the school systems as well. States like Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, West Virginia, South Dakota, Kentucky, Michigan, Louisiana and North Carolina are in the process of trying to get this bill passed as well.

Think about this. The fate of your education lies in the hands of white lawmakers who have been put in power by those just like them. Parents, think about this too. You are sending your child out into a broken school system, in the hands of those who are intentionally preying on young and not-yet-educated minds to trick them into a foul way of thinking. What kind of teaching tells young students that the KKK in America isn’t “morally wrong?” A group that was built on terrorizing Black people in this country. That alone makes me uncomfortable as it is.

Governor Abbott is promoting closed minded ways of thinking and damaging history by forbidding the teachings of it. Students need to understand how the foundation of this country was built. While schools have done a decent job by acknowledging the impact of figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Harriet Tubman on fighting racism, Critical Race Theory could go further by pointing out the long standing effects as far as the diversity gaps in this country and bringing it to where it is now. Although we still have a ways to go, a step would be to allow Critical Race Theory in schools. 

Parents within both Texas and Florida are agreeing that Critical Race Theory should not be taught in schools. A Missouri mom who spoke at a board meeting for Rockwood School District is quoted saying: “Just because I don’t want Critical Race Theory taught to my child does not mean that I’m a racist, damnit!” 

Ma’am..Hate to break it to you, but it most certainly does. In fact, it also preaches her fear of what it could potentially mean for her impressionable child. 

What are we to do about this? When it’s time to vote, you all need to get out there and do so. The fate of our future education and your child’s education is resting on those we elect into office. I’m tired of people who were in college during the Civil Rights Movement, getting elected into office. They make decisions that would have slid back in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s time to start changing the world. The next time it’s time to vote, think about yourself! For those saying ‘my vote doesn’t count” or “my vote never counted”.. .YES IT DOES! For more information on how you can get registered to vote, please visit register-to-vote or to find out how you can change the world around you!

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  1. David Hughes

    somebody should start ‘shame on you Texas’ threads on all the social media – along with an open letter to Texas legislators and their governor…

  2. Daniel Morgan

    That’s my little girl and she’s doing an awesome job let’s get out there and find out how to register to vote where we need to go where our voting polls are and let’s change the world. Our children are standing up for our rights but they’re too young to vote so as parents let’s lead the way to changing the world. Love you little girl and keep up the good work.