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Sage Glover: From a North Atlanta Warrior to a LSU Tiger [INTERVIEW]

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According to Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), less than 3% of all women’s high school soccer players make it to the Division I level. Included in that small number is North Atlanta High School (NAHS) Class of 2022 graduate Sage Glover. A native of New Orleans, Glover is among the many new recruits on this season’s Louisiana State University’s women’s soccer team.  From kicking a soccer ball around at the age of three, to 15 years later aspiring to be the greatest of all time in her sport, Sage’s dreams have gotten bigger as she has gotten better. After only her first three games played at LSU, she was named SEC Freshman of the Week, marking the start of what would be a successful season. As she continues her NAHS Warrior pride as an LSU Tiger, Glover took a moment to talk with VOX ATL after LSU’s commanding 3-1 win against Lamar University in the first round of the NCAA Championship. 

VOX ATL: With many soccer players from North Atlanta High School, to those across the country, playing at a higher level is a common dream to have. Could you provide insight into your transition from high school to college soccer?

Glover: Have confidence in yourself, you were chosen to be in this position for a reason, and focus on yourself, focus on your path to be individually you. Put in the work and your opportunities will come as long as you keep your head down and keep grinding. Everything else that you can’t control is just a waste of time.

VOX ATL: There are many athletes who want to be in your shoes, people who aspire to be like you. Being in the limelight, you’re becoming a notable figure to onlookers alike, but growing up who did you look towards and who were your inspirations?

Glover: It wasn’t necessarily people, I’ve always been goal driven. I think I’m a really big dreamer and I’ve always dreamt since I was little. I’ve always had this – cocky confident persona of myself that just never faded away. I think with that, naturally, I believe I should be the greatest of all time when this sport is done, at least for the women’s side. That’s what I always aim for. It doesn’t matter what challenges or what bad periods I go through, I’ll always get out of them and excel. As I got older, I looked to other athletes who have obtained that GOAT status, like LeBron, Steph, Kobe, and Jordan. I think Kobe for sure because we’re very similar in terms of we just work. But I also like Conor McGregor a lot, you know. He’s just different.

VOX ATL: With accolades of four goals on the season, numerous starts, and SEC Freshman of the Week, you’ve captured the attention of many. As one of ten freshmen on the LSU Soccer team, could you tell me about how you were able to carve out a niche for yourself throughout the season? 

Glover: I’ve played for different teams every year of my life, I’m used to being the new kid, having to carve out my spot and beat out people. So I think that the natural competitiveness to go above and beyond and do the extra stuff that gets coaches’ attention is what I use to my advantage. But at the end of the day I mean, people gotta eat and I’m not going to starve.

VOX ATL: Rewinding to your first game of the season against the SFA Lumberjacks, can you talk to me about scoring your first goal at LSU?

Glover: Honest opinion, I knew I was going to score that game. I felt the energy and I really wanted to celebrate with my teammates that’s why I ran over there and did what I did. It was a good mark to start my little career here. 

VOX ATL: Following a tough loss in overtime (3-0) against Ole Miss, can you talk to me about how you stay motivated going into the next game?

Glover: Sticking with the basics, just grinding out at practice, everything that happened on the field last week is over, it’s irrelevant at this point. And all we can do is just learn from it and move forward.

VOX ATL: Under the leadership of your head coach Sian Hudson and your team captain Shannon Cooke, how have you been able to learn from the knowledge they carry?

Glover: They are great captains honestly, Shannon being a senior and achieving all she’s achieved. She definitely allows us to grow in our space, but she is our leader and we look up to her when times get tough. And I think Sian has done a good job in terms of making this team a family and instilling a lot of cultural values that translate onto the field, and that’s why we’ve been as successful as we have.

VOX ATL: Is there anything that you wanted to say that I really didn’t cover thus far?

Glover: Geaux Tigers!

 VOX ATL: Go tigers… 

Glover: That was cute, that was really cute.

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