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Relationships & Dating Violence — More Teens’ Voices

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Atlanta-area teens who attended the Partnership Against Domestic Violence’s Teen Summit wrote and created art about love, dating and healthy relationships. VOX was there to bring the mic (and writing and art supplies…)


By Isis, 15, MHS

I am strong

I am bold

This was something I was told.

Closed mouths don’t get fed.

So speak your my mind

And have courage instead.


By Juan Rodriguez, 13, Middle School

Flowers have the power for growth

Their beauty is like the mate I

Have to be with, the stem is like

The violence that I’ll never do to my

Mate. Love flows in the air for everyone to get, petals are the

Beauty of everyone that is

Brave, the girls that men date,

Are gems to us men.


By Derica Guerra, 15, Berkmar High School

Women are like the ocean

So blissful and calm.

The love from a man to them is so special.

They feel they do right by doing wrong.

They try to provide life for others around them.

But they can kill

Hurt people, family, and friends.

They take the garbage and hurtful words.

Her heart polluted; it’s their fault, not hers.


By Ulani Edwards, 15, Parkview High School

A healthy relationship is when you’re able to talk and laugh with one another. It is also when you can give each other space when it is needed. It is important because the spreading of other people’s stories can help someone else that might be in that situation. I wish my peers knew that they are not alone, and that what they are going through is going to better them in the future, somehow, someway. They should know that it is not the end. I wish parents knew that some situations that we go through may be the same but the advice they may give may not work. They should be more understanding sometimes and accept the fact that we are growing.


By Kyiesha Roberts, 18, Peachtree Ridge High School

My definition of a healthy relationship is when two individuals in a relationship can actually communicate with one another. When there’s a bond and a lot of trust, it can make the relationship stronger. But most importantly, you need an honest friendship. Your significant other should be your best friend, not an enemy or an annoyance. So it pretty much goes with an unbreakable bond; that’s what makes a healthy relationship.


By Denisse Diaz, 15, Lakeside High School

Love is more than just a word. It’s a door, an opportunity.

It’s a heaven. It’s a safe place.


By Jamari Boozer, 16, Southwest DeKalb High School

Violence is nonsense,

Honesty is the most important key

Just trust and not cuss, and

See the pain be blown away


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