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Teens Create Music Video for Jayla Darden’s ‘That Just Life’

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I had the most fun time ever creating the music video to teenage singer Jayla Darden’s “That’s Just Life” at The Green Room Music Video Camp 2016!

I learned all types of interesting things about what it takes to make a music video, such as editing and working the camera. We also had jobs; there was a director, a cameraman, first and second assistant director (AD), etc. I was the second AD. I got to understand what each of the jobs mean and how they effectively work and negotiate with one another. I also designed the set for the music video with some other fellow campers. 

Before all of that, I had a chance to create a story board with my team and establish what will happen in the video. [I learned that] at some point you will disagree with one another, but you want to talk it out and hopefully you will be happy with your final decision. The really fun part was filming the video and meeting the artist and getting to know her.  At the end of the week our music video was showcased to parents and others, including the Purple Sparkle Carpet event.

The message we wanted to convey in our music video was to show that you will have ups and downs in your life. Mistakes and misfortunes all happen for a reason and nobody’s life is perfect ( although some may think it is) but it’s just pretty much putting things into perspective that you will see bad things and have bad situations but it will get better!!!!

Zaki attends Brighten Academy. 


Teens involved in this production: 

Breanna Henson, 12

Micah Johnson, 13, Atlanta Heights Charter School

Alex Orndorf, 11, Brighten Academy

Zaki Roshell, 12, Brighten Academy

Nina Silas, 13, Renfroe Middle School

Milon Small, 11,  Fulton Science Academy

James Stevens, 13, Fulton Science Academy

Halen Toney, 11, Sandtown Middle School

Elisabeth Kerce, 18, SCAD


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