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No Hesitation (Sonnet #1)

by share

Why has your attitude changed toward me?

Maybe it’s because you can’t realize

What a good man is, and visualize.

At the beginning, we were so happy

It’s not like I was treating you crappy

Truth was, you weren’t used to a nice guy

But all I wanted to do was comply.

That’s when you decided to set me free.


You said you didn’t want to risk your job.

You said you valued our relations

So I agreed; I felt my heart beat throb.

Though we work in a close situation

You’re not interested, so I let it drop.

But I’d take you back, no hesitation!


Writer’s note: I’m one of the two students who [remain involved] of the five who started the Creative Writing group at my school. My poem is to let teenagers know that they don’t have to go through breakups alone. It also gives a message of moving on in life and forgiving those who have hurt you in a relationship. I would really like it if you can give my poem a chance to be read by other teens in the Metro Atlanta area. I’ve been reading the VOX…for some time now, and I especially enjoyed the article “What’s next for the Revolution Doughnuts?”

Carlos Perez attends Elizabeth Andrews High School.


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