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Christian Zsilavetz, co-founder of Pride School Atlanta and transgender male, feels as though LGBT identifying and gender nonconforming kids should be in a school environment where students are able to “be, learn, and grow.” Pride School Atlanta is a K-12, private school geared toward students and educators who want a safe and encouraging education academically and socially. This sounds like heaven for any student no matter how they sexually identify, but in the court of public opinion the school has received national coverage and criticism. Read on
As soon as the lights turned down after intermission, my life truly began. Normally, screaming bothers me, but not that night. The screams made me feel alive and made me scream, too. Read on
It’s hard to say what we would be like as a society if the Civil Rights Movement had not been successful, but I believe it would favor white Americans. As a Mexican- American, at first glance the Civil Rights Movement seems to have nothing to do with me, but it has everything to do with me. Read on
The first time I spotted my parents’ copies of “Kill Bill,” I knew that they were something special. They stood out amongst the rest of our dark, plain DVD cases with their vivid yellow and red spines, and the cover image of a leather-clad, poker-faced, samurai-sword-wielding Uma Thurman captivated me. I was only eight then,…

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Two black microphones were brought out on either side of the stage, then one silver microphone in the middle of the stage right in front of me. “Jess is coming!” the crowd murmured excitedly. Read on
The true conflict of the play — where the audience becomes absolutely still and speechless — is at the dinner party that Amir and his wife host to celebrate her paintings being shown at a gallery. Read on