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With the contentious presidential primaries at their climax, it is unsurprising that many teens may not be aware of another pressing international issue: the Zika virus. Read on
As the film community continues to respond to Chris Rock boldly speaking out on the topics of racism and diversity, let’s take a look back at five moments when celebrities used the Oscars to speak out on social and political issues. Read on
I guarantee that you will yourself ask if Mookie does the right thing and what the impact of his actions will have on his entire community. Read on
Buggin' Out has choices to make — whether to use MLK’s non-violent methods and boycott the restaurant or use Malcolm X’s methods and be confrontational. Read on
Michael Foster takes a look at what it would mean for Georgia to seriously consider legalizing marijuana. Read on
On a rainy, cold afternoon eight metro Atlanta teens are on their way to meet five-time Grammy winner CeeLo Green. On the drive to Terminal West downtown, the teens have been encouraged to play the singer-songwriter’s new game app “Ceelo’s Joyride” with a promise of a very special prize for the person who unlocks the…

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