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This is the first episode of VOX ATL's brand new all-female podcast, GRL TLK! In this episode, teens Amariyah, Tierra, Aaliyah, Sophie, Lyric and Jasmine discuss relationships and dating in today's generation, along with a few Valentine's Day tips! Read on
With the Super Bowl taking over Atlanta this week, VOXers Chris Jordan, Langston Morris, and Mack Walker take a deep dive into the drama and controversy surrounding Travis Scott's performance at the 2019 NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show. Read on
In the latest installment of "The Big G" show, host Noel Greene is joined by fellow VOXers Haley, Maya, Ramaya and Terrell to talk about gender inequality and if things are actually getting better or fairer these days. Read on
I haven’t “overcome” anything. Nobody swooped in to save me. I saved and I am saving myself one day at a time Read on
The latest episode of the VOXCast is a special one. VOXers Chris, Eric and Lyric sat down with Mailchimp CEO and co-founder Ben Chestnut. Read on
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With Georgia's next governor about to take over, VOX ATL's Mack Walker asked a group of teens from Youth United what they would do if they were elected governor. Read on