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VOXers Christina, Izzy, Sophie, Jasmine, Amariyah, & Emma went to the Gwinnett Youth Summit to hear what teens had to say about leadership and how creative self-expression is important. Check out the video above to see what happened. Then, take a look at some of the art the teens created below.     Read on
VOX ATL was invited to Creekside High School for a self-expression workshop and the discussion led to the question of is high school is necessary? Watch the video to hear what these teens had to say. Read on
The American Dream: sought by many and achieved by few. This video strives to qualify the definition of the American Dream and demonstrate the variety of beliefs relating to the dream, some of which define it as equal economic opportunity. The equal chance for success and to achieve the American Dream is one that society…

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VOX ATL Staffers Christina and Rachel explored Google's Atlanta office, ate bugs, talked to a robot, met passionate teens, and had fun at the Atlanta Science Fair Kick-off. Read on
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Omari Spellman is not only an athlete but also a poet and hosted a poetry workshop at Gresham Community Center in East Atlanta. Check out the video! Read on
VOX ATL's VOX Investigates team spoke with members of the HIGH Museum Teen Advisory Council about how art can help fight against discrimination. Read on