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You have the right to be at terms with your body, to like your body...even to love your body. I know that for some of us that can seem unattainable, but it's not. We can take it one step at a time. Read on
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Many of us find ourselves in an affliction we call departure. In other words, at any age, most go through this thing called divorce. When what you thought was real love leaves and becomes the forgotten love, we wonder if love truly exists. Read on
This series is the untold story of women that are filled in their diaries and or minds. Read on
Dear hidden girl… Your voice matters. You’re beautiful. And you know something? People want to hear your voice. they really want to hear it! Even if we haven’t met those people yet. The people that smothered and silenced your voice should have realized how amazing it is. you’re safe to use your voice here. I…

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"Dear Hidden Girl" is a video series dedicated to anyone who identifies as a teen girl, a collection of "letters" that we will be opening together consisting of spoken word, poetry, visual arts and whatever else may come our way. Read on
In the second part of this video Atlanta teens dive deep into the significance of the protests, speak on how teens can best enact change, and shed some light on the fact that, “the system doesn’t allow for there to be good cops.” Read on