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Life Lessons From DJ Khaled’s Snapchat Account!

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At first, I resisted hopping onto the DJ Khaled Snapchat bandwagon but when I noticed that all of my friends were quoting him, I had to find out what they were talking about.

The hip-hop producer has been taking the nation by storm with his motivational, entertaining Snapchat stories. This past holiday season, he was even featured as one of the social media app’s most popular 2015 themes. Over time, I began to enjoy watching his snaps and eventually began to watch them on the regular for my daily dose of inspiration.

Below are different phrases you will always hear him say and the meanings behind them.

Another One:

    • Before Khaled became popular on Snapchat, he was not only known for his music but for saying “another one.” Whether he’s asking a girl for another kiss or saying that he’s going to win “another one,” you can expect to hear this on Khaled’s Snapchat story.
  • The Key to More Success:
    • On his Snapchat stories, you will always hear him talking about the major keys to success. This is his way of helping his DJ khaled - slide 2-verticalfollowers achieve greatness like he did. Some examples of his keys to success: drink water, stay positive, and exercise.
  • “They”:
    • No one truly knows who “they” is but followers do know that “they don’t want you to win,” as Khaled would say. You can suspect that “they” are people who are negative, never want to see you succeed and try to prevent you from achieving your keys to success.
  • “Bless Up”
    • Success does not come without humbleness and thankfulness in Khaled’s eyes. Whenever he is thankful, you will always hear him say “bless up” while wearing his “Bless Up” slides on his feet.
  • “Fan Luv”
    • DJ Khaled is not afraid to interact with his fans wherever he goes. On his Snapchat account, crowds of people will flock to where he is (he loves going to Miami Heat basketball games) to get their 10 seconds of fame.

With over 2.5 million Twitter followers, you can expect that his follower count on Snapchat is relatively high too, with over 100 million Snapchat users. If you’re like me and need a daily dose of inspiration and you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, make sure you follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat @djkhaled305.

Also, remember to always “Bless Up.”

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