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Five Ways to Have a Hot Girl Summer, Inspired by ‘Fever’

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While the raunchy rapper (and self-proclaimed  H-Town Hottie) Megan Thee Stallion takes over airwaves and social media with her latest project “Fever,” many young adults have taken to enjoying life in the summer sun in what has been dubbed a “Hot Girl Summer.” This movement has been targeted towards girls (and guys) of all backgrounds and relationship statuses, whether you’re a single pringle or have a significant other. The main goal of a “Hot Girl Summer” from an interpretation at face value is to just have fun and live your best life, all while riding on the reins of self-empowerment and being carefree. Here’s a few tips on how to have a successful Hot Girl season, whether with friends, your boo, or by yourself, all inspired by a few tracks from the rising star’s mixtape of the summer.

Tip 1: Stay true to yourself. (Inspired by “Realer”)

A true hot girl never lets negative opinions or hate get to her head, and is always open and keeps it real in any situation. Make sure that whatever you do, don’t hesitate to voice your opinion, especially if Hot Girl activities take a dangerous turn. As much as you want to have fun, your safety should come first at all times.

Tip 2: Spend quality time with friends! (Inspired by “Hood Rat Sh*t”)

This is one of the more obvious perks of having a Hot Girl summer, especially when with your girl gang. You don’t need a significant other to be treated right! Instead, treat yourself and the girls to hanging out in the city, seeing a movie, or just chilling at home binging Netflix shows and eating snacks! Whatever you do, make it fun and enjoyable.

Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to switch things up! (Inspired by “Running Up Freestyle”)

Summer is the time to experiment with new things, whether it’s a new wardrobe or a new hairstyle. Switch things up with a fresh haircut, or a new wig if you’re worried about the commitment to a drastic hair change. As for style, wear whatever makes you most comfortable, while also looking put-together. Try doing some online shopping or look to your nearest thrift stores for one-of-a-kind finds you normally wouldn’t see.

Tip 4: Stay hydrated! (Inspired by “Big Drank”)

Since Megan sings about liquor on the track, it’s best that you substitute it for a healthier and safer substance- good ol’ H2O! During the hot summer days, make sure you have a substantial amount of water in your system. The healthiest way to consume it is by drinking half your body weight in ounces as opposed to the generic eight glasses a day. This can be achieved by drinking by the gallon or using a reusable water bottle (no need to waste multiple plastic bottles on the daily!)

Tip 5: Have fun! (Inspired by “Dance”)

Let loose this summer and move your body! It’s great for your heart, health, and your spine. Get up, play some good music, and get active to any music you enjoy. Let this be a time to have a healthy girl summer as well as a hot one!

All in all, summer is a time to make memories with the people you love, and there’s no better time than now. Whether you’re with friends, your lover, or yourself, always be sure to have a great time while remaining healthy and safe. Have a Happy Hot Girl Summer!

Amariyah, 18, is a rising freshman at Kennesaw State University and is prepared to enjoy many a “Hot Girl Summer” for years to come.

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