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“You made me believe that I, a woman of color, can be a prominent figure in broadcast media.”

Above photo: From WSB-TV’s Instagram account announcing the Oct. 28 death of longtime Atlanta news anchor Jovita Moore following a battle with brain cancer

Dear Jovita

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Dear Jovita,

As early as sixth grade, I remember grabbing my tablet and propping it up in my hand as I recorded myself reporting the weather for that day. I used to pretend I was a famous newscaster and try to convince my brother to be Justin Farmer, so I could report on breaking news, just like you.

You have inspired me to want to dig deeper into things and interview others on their life experiences, and you made me believe that I, a woman of color, can be a prominent figure in broadcast media.

I used to prop up my Barbies and use my phone to film them acting out being staff members at a magazine and watching shows like “WordGirl” and “Bratz” because someday I knew I wanted to be a journalist. I can remember hearing your name and thinking to myself: That is one amazing woman, a woman I want to be like someday. You were always in my mind when I thought of Black women who inspired me.

The only time I ever saw you in person was when you opened the Alvin Ailey show in February of 2019. It was a cold night at the Fox Theatre but your warm energy was radiating across the whole theater and I was so honored to be in your presence. As you introduced the show and talked about the amazing dancers that were soon to grace the stage, I was in total awe. I want you to know that you left behind an amazing legacy and inspired girls such as me to pursue journalism.

Rest well,  Jovita.


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  1. Lionell Goodman

    Awesome article I wish you the best in the future