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Day One or One Day?: Why People Never Start

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Let’s be completely honest with each other before we begin to list every reason you find yourself starting and stopping your goals. Do you know the difference between an interest and a commitment? Well, when you find yourself interested in something, you do it when it’s convenient and when you have time. But when you are committed, it will be a passion, a devotion. Not knowing the difference is what keeps a lot of people from pursuing their dreams.

Hopefully the following tips and information can help you on your path the setting and following through on your goals.

F.O.F. (Fear Of Failure)

Atychiphobia is an intense fear of failure that most humans face. It may cause you to put off or avoid any activity or scenario that has the potential for an unsuccessful outcome. Someone with this condition may be scared to try new things, take risks or embrace growth for fear of failure. Have you ever had Atychiphobia? If so, here is the remedy!

Stop being afraid of who you are and what you want to do. You don’t want to walk through life with a bucket list full of regrets. I thought everywhere I went people were looking at my appearance, or totally laughing at me dancing in a crowd while listening to a band at the beach. But they aren’t. Honestly, honey, they don’t care! Think about yourself, you’re most likely not judging the girl dancing in the middle of the party, you wish you had the confidence to join her. Everyone gets scared, everyone gets embarrassed at something, just don’t let living your life be that something. Here is my advice: redefine failure. Think of failure as an opportunity to acknowledge your mistakes and learn the value of progression. If you failed once, realize you aren’t starting from scratch anymore. You’re starting from experience! We become accustomed to failure leading us to a dead end road. However, it really is the road you take called Learning Lessons Avenue. You know.. the one before you take the right turn to Success Drive. 

Distractions and Influence

People often ask me why I get off of social media every few weeks, for a few weeks. The answer is – that too much social influence can rotten a creative and authentic brain. I know what you’re thinking… girl it’s the people you follow. I unfollowed every negative person along with many celebrities in exchange for inspiring people such as The Mrs. Michelle Obama and encouraging accounts that offer affirmations and mental health awareness. But even then, these people that inspire me and make me feel alive, cannot produce the same creative thoughts that I do so, in the end, it still becomes some form of influence that is not from me. ALLLL’S (implementing my southern phrases L.O.L.) I am saying is, take a step away from your friends and social media, good or bad, and think for yourself. 


Nothing much to say besides this:

  • You can’t waste money. You exchange money for another piece of energy. (Money for food. Money for that new camera for film class. Those new shoes that make you feel good. Those braids that make you feel fresh.) 
  • Learn to save and budget.
  • They will keep printing money, it’s out there, GO GET IT.
  • Stop overvaluing money! Manifest it and it will come. Greed is dangerous.
  • Stop speaking that you are broke. Claim financial security babe!

You Talk Too Much

My mama always told me that I had two ears and one mouth for a reason. Quit telling people your plans, dreams, goals, and projects. If you can positively manifest something, someone can negatively manifest that same thing to not reach you. So, pray, think, speak, and write it down more powerfully and more often than the enemy. Move intentionally with your plans!

Discipline to Desire to Devotion

Most times we come up with many excuses as to why we cannot do something instead of coming up with ideas to do it. I kept telling myself I wanted to do more than reading a daily bible verse and going to church once a week. I wanted an authentic connection with God so for a few days I would start reading the bible (verses that helped me at that moment) and a few days later I would fall out of it, repeating this every few months. Interest. Now, I haven’t missed a day of reading an actual book in the bible, prayer, or nightly bible studying. Committed. Those nights that I wanted to go to sleep after a long day of school and work, I forced myself to pick up the bible. Routine creates discipline. Soon I thought, dang I have to hurry up out of the shower to read the next page of Abraham’s story because the last chapter introduced me to a new view of life and love. Desire. Today, I can proudly say I refuse to miss a day even when I am tired and I rant about how much I’ve learned from Genesis. Devotion.

A few things that you quit that you should start:

  • Reading that book
  • Working out
  • Starting that business
  • Applying for that job
  • Posting that photo
  • Wearing that outfit 
  • Going to church
  • Changing your wardrobe or cutting your hair
  • Investing in a hair or real estate license
  • Trying out for a sport
  • Deleting Social Media

To conclude, I know this article may have brought out a lot of self-realization, maybe even drainage. But self-reflection is good. There is nothing wrong with trying something out and realizing it may not be for you, but give it time. Practice perfects precision! Now, go start and be amazing on day one. 


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  1. Kim Acreman

    Very good and informative article. Makes me want to reacess my life.

  2. Jazmin Jackson

    Good article! I love how u combine your sense of humor with your ideas

  3. Nanny

    Wonderful article well written makes you self reflect about a lot of things.