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“What Atlanta Means To Me”: A VOX Teen’s View Of Atlanta

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During this year’s Vox Media Cafe Session 3, a group of Atlanta teens joined together to tell you what the city means to them with a look through their eyes.

As we told you in our VMC Session 3 re-cap, our teen journalists enjoyed an action-packed summer that that took them everywhere from CNN to Killer Mike’s SWAG Shop. The experience added to the already exciting lives they lead, which is why we wanted them to share how they view Atlanta on a daily basis in their time away from VMC.

The teens all came from various Atlanta area schools and neighborhoods and painted a complete picture of what it’s like to experience this city. Everything from chasing dreams to having random conversations in the street was covered. You may even see some familiar faces and landmarks.

Take a look at the video above to see the city from a VOX teen’s perspective.

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