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Photo: Screenshot photo collage from Abe Parker’s exclusive VMC Zoom Concert.

VOXClusive: Interview with Atlanta-based Musician Abe Parker

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Earlier this month, Abe Parker, a young musician and bop-smith in the Atlanta area joined a group of VOX Media Cafe members via Zoom for an online interview.

Parker, a native of Blue Rock, Ohio, has a background of generating multiple types of music ranging from lofi beats to guitar instrumentals to singing. Parker spent about 30 minutes sharing his life and experiences through the global pandemic everyone is experiencing in the world. It is very evident that these times are not the easiest for independent music artists due to them not being able to book gigs and concerts.

However, Parker has taken matters into his own hands and generated other ways to help him rise above and continue his music career. When asked about working at home he said that he feels that he gets more work done at home.

“When I can take two steps to get to my recording studio, it cuts down on the time I have to drive to get to [another studio]. My ideas are preserved when I am able to take two steps. Sometimes ideas are lost or I just don’t even feel like doing it anymore.”

Parker also shared that the lowkey and chill vibes in his music is influenced by the things he loves doing most, like skating. He feels that his music not only tells a story but can give off a vibe that might help someone who is in desperate need.

Parker also mentioned that he likes to “use fear as a tool.” Alluding that sometimes in life your fear or obstacles can be used to pick you up and take you to your next destination. Fears can also be known as the detours in life. Sometimes you have to take the detours in order to get to the main road.

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Lastly he left us with, “your greatest enemy is yourself when it comes to prosperity.”

It was a pleasure to virtually meet and listen to Abe Parker and hear his different perspectives and experiences on life.

Once again thank you Abe Parker.

VOX Media Cafe reporter Bethany C. Cates, 17, attends Harrison High School in Kennesaw.

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