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Tyrant Captivates in Season Two Opener

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“Tyrant” aired its season two premiere on FX on Tuesday, and it is one I have been waiting all year for.

“Tyrant” is a show about Barry Al-Fayeed (played by Adam Rayner), who left his fictional middle-eastern home country, Abbudin, and royal life to establish a new life and family in America. When Al-Fayeed is drawn back to his home country due to family situations, he is faced with memories of his troubled past, confusion about the present, and left with questions about the future.

The first season ended with brothers Barry and Jamal (played by Ashraf Barhomdisagreeing about how the country should be run when Jamal is made President of Abbudin. Jamal is more aggressive and militant than his brother Barry, who considers the safety of the civilians most important. When Barry turns against his brother, he is thrown in prison and given the death penalty as punishment.

This season, fans should expect to see how Barry intends to regain his life back while also saving the citizens of Abbudin from his brother’s rule.

The season opener was not as jaw-dropping as I had hoped, given last season’s cliffhanger. I enjoyed how the drama continued, but I wasn’t happy with the obvious ending. Barry, who was on the death penalty, was finally supposed to be hung even though his Jamal didn’t want him to. Knowing this and knowing that Barry’s character made the show, I knew he didn’t die. Instead, someone else was hung in the gallows, and Barry was left to die in the desert.

“Tyrant” is a show that leaves you on the edge of your seat. It is filled with sibling rivalry, rocky marriages, corruption and hidden secrets from the past that is destined to tear the family apart. I love the tension that is displayed in the show and how everything keeps building up in the series.

Going through season one with jaw-dropping endings and revelations, I was somewhat disappointed as a fan. Although this season’s opener paled in comparison to what I thought it would be, it did leave me with questions. What will happen with Barry’s family who is back in America and thinks he’s dead? Will Jamal’s secrets finally be revealed?

The preview of the rest of the season given at the end of the show will definitely have me coming back for more.

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