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How Are You Getting to Zero?

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Attendees from the “Getting to Zero” event co-hosted by Moving in the Spirit and VOX (see story here) on Dec. 5, shared their voices on how they’ll get to zero — zero stigma, zero new infections. What a group poem this turned into. Click here to hear the audio podcast.



Practice Abstinence

Start conversation so that more people know the facts

Encourage people to get tested

Sexual awareness

Having a partner who practices safe sex

So good, learned a lot today

Share the starling statistics

Get checked

Speaking up when my friends engage in dangerous behaviors

Education is key. Get tested

Spread more awareness

I’ll talk and listen without judgement and stigma

Educating both peers and adults on the importance of safe sex, testing and communication between partners.

Education and funding

HIV is serious, don’t have sex

Always talk openly about it!

Help to educate others

Give more money to AIDS/HIV groups

Talk about sex

Safe Sex

Education, awareness, acceptance

I’m not going to have sex, I’m too young

Spreading awareness about staying safe and knowing your status

Having safe sex, staying abstinent


Continue to help teens use their voices to raise awareness

Protecting myself, safe sex

Embrace your peers and love to help

Be aware and share the facts

Condoms and dental dams

Talk to my congregation about STDs and prevention



I won’t be afraid or ashamed to ask questions. I will speak for we.

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