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‘Walking Dead’ Fans Are Furious About The Show’s Grisly Season Premiere

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Warning: This story contains multiple spoilers!

Controversy erupted as one of America’s top dramas, “The Walking Dead,” aired its Season 7 premiere Sunday on AMC. Tensions were already high, as fans who had been watching since last season knew that one of the beloved members of this group would face their demise. I watched, my eyes glued to the TV, my stomach twisting and turning as Negan, the antagonist played by the phenomenal Jeffery Dean Morgan, walked in front of the group I had grown to love, brandishing his barbed-wire bat which he pointed at their faces while singing the classic but childish “eenie meenie minie moe” as he figured out who would die. Just as expected, the Season 6 finale ended on a cliffhanger, and fans everywhere were left confused, trying to dissect down who Negan killed.

*Spoiler Alert!* The question was answered when not one, but two of the crew’s beloved members met their fate: fan favorites Sgt. Abraham Ford (portrayed by Michael Cuditz) and Glenn Rhee (played by Steven Yeun).

Just as expected, everyone was taken aback by the deaths. Some fans, however, have taken it to another level, calling the scenes “too graphic” with some viewers taking to Twitter saying they would never watch the show again.

Punk rock singer Ash Costello, tweeted this: “I might quit walking dead for good…..it’s an emotional train of death.”

Another user posted: “So, @WalkingDead_AMC jumped the shark. I’m done and won’t be watching from here out. Sorry @AMC_TV@AMCTalkingDead, but it was too graphic.”

I respect those opinions but as fan of the show, I have to disagree with them 100 percent. The words “too graphic” simply can not be used in referencing a post-apocalyptic zombie show. For seven seasons, there has been nothing but blood and gore. Seeing two men being smashed over the head with a bat is routine for this show, no matter who dies or who is inflicting the pain. The controversy erupted simply because of who got killed. Two fan favorite protagonists were at the receiving end of that bat. Everyone was in shock, including myself. But that shouldn’t make a person not want to watch the show.

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Looking at it from a different perspective, if seeing Abraham and Glenn die Sunday night was too graphic, then lead character Rick Grimes biting and ripping out a man’s jugular should be perceived that way as well. That scene happened in Season 4, and that didn’t stop people from watching the series. The show is not getting too graphic but, rather, some fans can not handle the changes needed to progress the story.

Negan is supposed to be an over-the-top, crazy character. He’s worse than any man this group has faced before; not even the Governor could stand a chance. He’s the biggest villain these people have ever seen, and as soon as the fans who have been taken aback understand that, Season 7 will get a lot more interesting.

The Walking Dead Season 7 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. Previous episodes can be caught on amc.com or on streaming sites such as Netflix.

Mack, 14, attends Westlake High School. He’s an avid fan of “The Walking Dead” and watches it frequently!

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