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VOX ATL Teens Reflect on the Life and Legacy of XXXTentacion

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On Monday afternoon, rapper XXXTentacion (Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy) was murdered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, during an apparent robbery, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. XXX was shot by two unidentified subjects outside of a Deerfield motor bike shop and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. X was 20 years old.

The rapper struggled with controversial things, including depression, prior convictions and domestic abuse. However, the rapper channeled these topics into a successful musical career. His latest album “?” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart when it was released in March. XXX made an impact on everyone, from his fellow musicians in the music industry to teens who listen to his music.

XXX made music that people could relate to, and he intended to have an even greater impact by doing charity work. In the hours following his death, VOX teens shared their reactions and created a therapeutic remembrance of his life.

Here’s what they had to say:

Death is always sad. A young death is worse. None of us can say he was a great person but he was well-intended and driven enough to earn the respect he worked for. Sad to see that work cut short. What’s even worse, X reminds me and many others that life itself and everything that comes with it could be cut short. As X would have done, we need to embrace every damn moment. — Vincent Batts

OK, so before I begin, I will say I’m not a fan, nor did I support this guy. I liked one of his songs and that’s it. But I can tell you this young man was trying to better himself and his life. It’s sad because he is not able to do that now. We can look at this as a lesson. This is why y’all need to stop testing people. Y’all will yap off and push the wrong person and next you know, you’re getting threatened, hurt and/or dead. That’s why it bothers me so much when I see young artists and internet celebrities being so rude to each other behind a screen, saying the most disrespectful things. You never know who the other person knows or what they are going to do. — Nicole Johnson

Though X was pretty problematic in life, it is really saddening to hear about his death. He had a lot going for him in his career and to see him go during the peak of his fame is tragic to many fans. I personally don’t listen to his music, but I have many friends who are fans of his music which has helped them through rough times. This just goes to show that life is too precious and we shouldn’t take anything for granted. — Amariyah Callendar

I’m speechless. I’m at a loss right now. This is insane to me. The sad part is how young and talented he was. The fact that he had so much and this is how it ends. His transformation and his evolution was beginning to unfold so well and this had to happen. He was overcoming depression, doing great in his career, and most of all, prospering. And all because someone wanted to rob and steal? That’s sad and it’s evil. It’s also sad how XXX and his sister’s relationship wasn’t so tight and then this happens. This is eye opening and I pray that everyone learns from it. Life is so short, so short. This is just a message, a message for all of us. My prayers go out to his family. — India Rice

XXXTentacion, commonly known as X, was one of the most complicated rappers of our generation of Hip-Hop and possibly, one of the most unique celebrities ever. X wasn’t a saint and always lived in the center of controversy. But it’s the way he lived his life toward the end that defines him now. His music was a constant cry for help and showed his struggles growing up in his environment, being in and out of jail, and most significantly, mental health. X was someone who was, in the end, just a person  trying to right his wrongs and even then, he was never truly accepted in the public eye. To me, XXXTentacion was trying to convey his thoughts and emotions as a person and his music reflects the sadness and anger he felt toward his life. No matter what fans thought, the people around him always had a view of him that shows, like everyone else, he was just human, conveying his thoughts in his own way. Rest in Peace. — Chris Jordan

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