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VOX ATL @ The 10th Annual Juneteenth Parade and Music Festival In Downtown Atlanta [VIDEO]

Juneteenth is a holiday known by many names such as Emancipation day, Independence Day, or Freedom Day. Although the holiday has many different identifiers, it celebrates the same monumental event in history – the manumission of Black people in America that went into effect June 19th 1865. Juneteenth has been a widely celebrated holiday in the past and present, with cookouts, the foundation of Emancipation Park in Houston Texas, rodeos and annual festivals. These are all examples of how Juneteenth brings the Black community together in celebration and unity.

I had the opportunity to see my community thrive at the 10th Annual Juneteenth Parade and Music Festival at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia. I attended the celebration with the intention of capturing my community’s beauty, intelligence and originality. 

I interviewed a collective of individuals about what they find beautiful about being black, how Juneteenth impacted them as an individual and shared their thoughts on Juneteenth as a whole. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the video that these amazing, proud individuals helped me create.

Happy Juneteenth.