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VOXCast: Weekly Music Wrap-Up 2/7/22

Welcome to the second episode of the latest VOXCast, a weekly music wrap-up! In this week’s episode, our producer Sanjna and the other hosts, Jennie, Hunter, Belle, and Nick analyze our favorite songs from the week from indie and underground artists like Lucy Dacus and Faye Webster to popular renowned singer/songwriters, Taylor Swift and Lorde. We hope that during this podcast you are able to discover new artists and genres of music. Be sure to tune in every Monday for a new episode on VOXATL.org, Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. ‘Til then, happy listening!

Songs featured in this episode:

“Nothing New” by Taylor Swift (ft. Phoebe Bridgers) (Taylors Version)(From the Vault)
“Room Temperature” by Faye Webster
“Night Shift” By Lucy Dacus
“The Louvre” by Lorde


To hear all of the songs featured on our weekly music wrap-up episodes, check out our Spotify playlist. New songs will be added weekly.