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Photo: Tyler Bey (VOX ATL)

The Cast of ‘School of Rock: The Musical’ Will Open Your Heart

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Playing through Sunday in Atlanta, “School of Rock: The Musical” at the Fox Theatre is a rock & roll ride with many heads bobbing and gut bustling moments of pleasure. Songs like “Mount Rock,” “Stick It to the Man,” and “Where did the Rock Go?” are addictive, high energy, and strangely familiar even if you’ve never heard them. They’re that good!

But it’s the awesome performance of Merritt David Janes as Dewey throughout the show that makes every song an audience-inclusive rock & roll concert. His vocal delivery and overall character portrayal are excellent! I was also very pleased with the talented young people that are a part of the show.

Each young person has an exceptional gift to offer to the musical and each and every one blew down the roof in their own way. From playing live instruments, beautiful singing with tight harmonies, brilliant acting and good dancing, each of these kids has a bright future ahead of them with a niche they can dig out in the performance world.

There comes a point in the show where it becomes very much like a live and real concert, and to see audience members standing up to enjoy the show, only testifies to how electrifying the feeling of rock and roll this show gives you is.

By the end of the show, you feel like you know the cast, and when they do the curtain call, your heart opens as the curtain closes because you leave exhilarated with the electricity of rock & roll.

It’s exciting to see the future of Broadway performing together with its current stars. “School of Rock” closes Sunday, Oct 21 at the Fox Theatre. Experience the electricity of “School of  Rock” now before it’s gone!

Or as Dewey says in the show, “Listen, they’re screaming our name… that’s rock and roll!”

Tyler Bey, 16, attends Maynard Jackson High and is a theater lover.

VOX teens were able to attend the press night of “School of Rock,” thanks to the generosity of Atlanta’s Most Valuable Kids nonprofit and Broadway Across America.

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