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Here’s Why Fans Need To Have Tyler The Creator’s New App!

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Tyler-The-Creator-AppWhen Tyler the Creator, in collaboration with Lloyd Braun’s Whalerock Digital Media, produced his own MTV/Cartoon Network-like digital media outlet, his most dedicated fans were ecstatic. Whalerock is a popular platform for celebrity apps, given that all four Kardashian girls use the same platform for their individual apps. The product Tyler the Creator yielded became the Golf Media app released this spring via the Apple App Store and Google Play. The performer describes it as parts of his brain, all in one place, for all his fans to see and enjoy. Six months later, the $4.99 per month app is still pleasing subscribers and fans with constantly updated content. But what makes this app worth 5 dollars a month?

With each subscription you get a seven-day free trial and they’ll “ship you something cool.” Within the app itself, users get Golf Radio (via the free Dash Radio app), “The Shane Show” (also on Dash Radio) and the original streaming shows: “Golf News: Things You Should Know,” Tyler’s animated show, “The Jellies,” “The Greatest Cooking Show of All Time,” streaming sports show “All The Way Live,” “Superstar Mercury,” a comedy show and the comedian-based “Jerod Carmichael presents Ray Garcia.” Tyler’s first album, “Bastard” (which is not available to fans on Spotify) is also included, along with photo galleries, articles written by Tyler, early access into concerts, the chance to win free tickets to concerts and exclusive Golf merchandise.

Currently, the Golf Media app has 4.5 star user rating in the App Store. Most commenters have mentioned glitches and bugs regarding the fast forward and rewind toggles, random crashes and the fact that most fans have yet to receive “something cool” in the mail. Others who left reviews in the App Store consider the app “pretty cool for Tyler fans” and that it’s “just another branch of Tyler’s many talents.” One reviewer calls Golf Media a “must-have for any OddFuture fans.”

So, for less than the price of a Subway sandwich, you can have access to original and relevant OddFuture-infused content, all on one generally easy-to-use app every month. As a very pleased user, I can assure you that you won’t get bored with Golf Media. Just like Tyler the Creator, you never really know what to expect. You just know whatever it is, it’s going to be great.

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