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Chill Playlist: Music for Meditation and Relaxation

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Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed, and you just need a break from everything? Or maybe you have a headache and you just want to rest? The key to relaxation for some people is music. Most people can’t relax to heavy metal or upbeat pop music. It takes some serene music to set the mood for relaxation, without having to be the clichè meditation ocean music. However, different things in music make people relax. For me, if the chord progression in a song is just right, it’ll relax me. Below are five songs that I think are great for relaxation.

Intro by The xx
The first song on the band’s debut album, “xx,” is essentially an instrumental with light vocals in certain areas. It’s a very simple song with a plain bass line, an intriguing beat, and a soothing guitar melody. It’s simple, but it is not boring. It is an interesting piece, and the chord progression is repeated throughout the whole song, while instruments come in and out without being distracting.

Drift by Ratatat
The most recent album by Ratatat, “Magnifique,” features the song “Drift.” The song is simple and soothing with a steady beat that you can think to. The chord progression is major and calming. The guitars bring an islandy vibe along that makes you feel like you’re laying on the sand at a beach by yourself. It’s a great song to listen to if you need to be alone for a moment.

Cold Clam by letherette
In letherette’s self-titled debut album, “Cold Clam” makes an appearance. “Cold Clam” is slightly more upbeat than the other songs mentioned on this list; however, it is not distracting or annoying. It is also an instrumental with light vocals spotted throughout the song. It is full of synths, guitars, electric pianos, and sophisticated audio editing. The song is attractive and encouraging.

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The Rain by Oh Wonder
Oh Wonder’s single, “The Rain,” features extremely beautiful flutes throughout the song. This song is not instrumental, but the lyrics are rather not distracting. They help with the soothing feeling of the song overall, in addition to the light drums and the wonderful piano. The occasional horns in the chorus also contribute to the song’s calming abilities.

Before the Earth Was Round by OK Go
From OK Go’s album, “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky,” “Before the Earth Was Round¨ also has lyrics. The vocals are autotuned and are accompanied by a steady light drum set, a bouncy, calm guitar, and calming lyrics. The repetition is infectious, and the bridge is also a beautiful contrast to the lower-toned song. All of these factors contribute to the calming spirit of the song.

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