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BGCA “Creates Connect” Podcast EP. 1: Social Emotional Learning & Healing-Centered Practices [AUDIO]

Welcome to the BGCA “Creates Connect” Podcast, created in partnership with VOX ATL, for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Arts Learning Community, BGCACreates.net.

In this Podcast series, we share stories, ideas and insights about making and teaching art. We’ll have honest conversations about social reform and share healing-centered practices that we utilize as both arts practitioners and facilitators.

In this episode of “Creates Connect,” we’re discussing Social Emotional Learning and sharing trauma-informed practices in the BGC Movement.

To be a part of the community that educates, encourages, and empowers each other, sign in to BGCACreates.net. And for more compelling content by and about folks who work with youth, please visit VOXATL.org/guide-on-the-side.

Produced by Nahila Loius-Charles/VOX ATL