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Roe v. Wade: History Unravels [opinion + video]

Leave my body out of your politics. Leave my body out of your religion, out of your holiness. Leave it out of the same mouth you use to drink alcohol like water while claiming you are a servant of the lord. Leave my ovaries out of your politics, out of the reproductive parts not belonging to you. 

Today, America suffers. Today, we lose 50 years of historical progress in women’s rights, a transgression — an aggression — against the safety of women. With this Supreme Court decision, we aren’t banning abortions; we’re banning safe abortions. We’re banning women from having a say in their bodies, from the right to exist with bodily autonomy. 

The Court states their decision was a fundamental human right. Yet, they fail to consider what will happen to children born to mentally unstable mothers, financially burdened women, and a young woman barely able to care for herself. This is not a fight for children; lawmakers don’t care what happens to the child after it is born. This is a direct and deliberate attack on the sovereignty of women.  

Abortions aren’t a human rights violation, they are a human right. It hurts to see that the government of the United States in this day and age chooses to regress to a time where women were still fighting for the fundamental right to be perceived as human beings.

All video was taken in Washington D.C. hours after the Roe v. Wade decision was overturned on June 24, 2022. The protesters and I are subject to opinion, and people videoed were chosen due to their protest signs and what I perceived to be unique viewpoints.