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Cover art by Aidan Ventimiglia

Poetry: ‘The School of the Summer’

by share

I watch. 
Eyes wide with wonder, 
In the school of the summer, 
What no online instruction can teach, 
What they should yearn to teach. 
In the waters, I learn on the beach.

I learn to grab tiny clams and flip them out of the sand, 
Throw them in a bucket, three in a hand, 
I watch and learn as they dig themselves under, 
White tentacles groping and pulling asunder.

I graze the back of something scaly and lean, 
A creature of the sea, long and mean. 
I scoop it up before it gets away, 
A sand flea is what google will say. 

I let them all go, 
I watch as they swim, 
I head home to sleep,
I let myself in.

The world is your oyster, 
Make of it what you will.
Eyes wide open, with thrill, 
To see what I found. 
Hidden deeply,
Deeply in the underground.


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